Classic Motorcycle components restored with vapour blasting


This classic motor cycle has been completely restored with the help of vapour blasting.  Vapour blasting is ideal with projects like this where the components are rare and require restoring.  The vapour blasting will not damage the part like sand blasting which is very abrasive, vapour blasting is a special process which is mainly water and air which can clean aluminium components to often a better condition than when new.


  • Aqua blasting manchester restored motorbike by vapour blasting
    Classic Motorcycle componets restored with vapour blasting
  • vapour blasted motor bike frame Manchester salford Aqua blasted
    Motorbike fame restored
  • vapour blasting state of the art vapour blasting machine manchester
    Vapour Blasting Machinery
  • vapour blasting Manchester north west cheshire classic motor bike engine restored
    Rare Engine Restored with Vapour Balsting
  • R & D Automotive new customer for Northwest Vapour Blasting