Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some of the most popular questions people ask, please still free free to give us a ring to discuss in more detail.

What is the difference between Vapour blasting and aqua blasting?

Vapour blasting and Aqua blasting are the same thing.

What is the difference between Vapour blasting and Ultra Sonic?

Vapour blasting and Ultra Sonic are different processes, Vapour blasting also known as aqua blasting uses water , Sonic cleaning uses ..…..

Another comapny has said they can do it much cheaper, will you price match?

The simple answer is no. We work in the highest quality clean environment, with the best available equipment, with the highest quality ISO certified fully traceable media, experienced staff and take the time required to produce the very best results.

What we offer is the highest QUALITY service available in the UK for the restoration enthusiast or professional at prices we believe offer the best VALUE. If you are not sure then visit everyone else, then visit us.

We are sure you will choose us in the end.

Is there anything that cannot be vapour blasted?

We do not recommend blasting (wet or dry!) any bearing or bore surface, or piston skirt, unless it will be ground/honed after blasting. However we can blast such components by using blanking discs or plugs to prevent media impinging on these critical surfaces. 

I have a complete gearbox, you say it should fit in your vapour blasting machine so you can do it yes??

We would always recommend that it is fully drained of oil, we can try our best to plus up any holes to prevent the water and beads getting inside, but the very nature of water is it always finds a way of getting inside.

So the answer is yes but there may be some risk of water and beads getting inside, I suggest you phone to discuss first.

Which blast media do North West Vapour Blasting typically use?

We generally use glass bead or aluminium oxide of various grit sizes to suit the job(s) but can use custom media, together with machine setup via pressure and flow changes, to achieve any particular finish the customer requires. Contact us to discuss your requirement if such a bespoke setup is required. 

The process uses water - so won't my ferrous parts go rusty as some say vapour blasting is no good for iron or steel?

NWVB use high quality corrosion inhibitors in our blasting and washing systems so we can blast ferrous materials without fear of rusting.

Not all companies use this (to reduce cost and cut corners) but we focus on the highest quality. Without these inhibitors ferrous parts will rust within minutes, but with our setup we just dry the parts with cloth or compressed air and they will not rust unless the protective coating is washed off later.

See our sample pictures for examples of iron parts we have cleaned – just to prove it can be done! Following blasting and drying we usually give components a spray with a maintenance oil such as WD-40 to ensure the surface is protected.

Why vapour blast instead of conventional sandblasting?

 Vapour blasting has many advantages over conventional sandblasting, some are listed below: 
  • The slurry acts to wash the parts, rather than abrade the surface 
  • No media is impregnated into the surface with vapour blasting, critical for cylinder heads and pistons 
  • The process creates no dust or static build-up 
  • Our machine filters broken media out so the finish remains consistent as the media wears/breaks down 

Does it matter if my car part is covered in oil and grease?

Yes it should be degreased first, you can buy many engine de-grease products which are easy to use, if we have to degrease the item this is charged as an extra; we would always tell you the cost first.

Can I wait whilst you vapour blast my parts?

Depending on the size of job it maybe possible for you to wait, please make sure you phone first to check we can fit you in.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, bank transfer or we can send you a paypal invoice which you can pay, please note we add 2.9% for  paypal payments.

Can you arrange collection and delivery of my parts because I do not live close?

Currently we do not arrange this however you are welcome to send it to us and arrange for a courier to then collect.

We are working  a better solution where we can arrange collection and delivery in the post.

How much do it cost?

It is difficult to have a set price because there are so many possible items we can vapour blast, however I think you will be surprised how reasonable vapour blasting is; you will always be very happy with the results!

I still have more questions I need to ask?

Simple give us a ring or use the conatct page, we will give you advise specific to your job requirements.

Any other questions

We will do our best to answer any question, query or concern you may have over the process and our capability.  Feel free to use our contact page or phone us, we are happy to offer advice and you are always guaranteed an honest answer.

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