R & D Automotive new customer for Northwest Vapour Blasting

ferrari swb 250  restored northwest vapour blasting in manchester
Northwest Vapour blasting are happy to now be the Vapour Cleaning Specialists for R & D Automotive.


R & D Automotive are a Manchester based garage servicing and maintaining super-cars in Manchester. R & D Automotive mainly specialize in Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini super cars. Having shown them examples of Northwest Vapour Blasting services they were instantly impresses and have started using vapour blasting for their customers cars.


ferrari swb 250 restored vapour blastingR & D Automotive take care of some of the finest examples of exotic super cars in the UK if not the world with numerous, F40’s, F50’s, Concourse Dinos and recently the very rare Ferrari 250 SWB which is valued at a mouth watering ¬£7 million.


Northwest Vapour Blasting are proud to be able to offer Vapour Blasting Services to such a prestigious company and to be able to work on a variety of interesting parts from iconic and beautiful rare cars helping to bringing them to concourse condition.


Many of the parts for the rare and old Ferrari’s are nearly impossible to obtain today, therefore many parts need to be fully reconditioned, this is ideal for vapour blasting where years of oxidation can be removed and restored to a satin factory finish before other components within the part are restored.


On Ferrari’s the rocker covers are generally painted. ¬† Northwest Vapour blasting can strip the old paint off and apply a suitable finish from vapour blasting they the rocker cover is ready to be painted without any further preparation and rubbing down, the finish from vapour blasting fro paint provides a superior surface for the paint to adhere to.


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