Vapour Blasting Preperation

Vapour Blasting Preparation Importance


It is very important that items to be vapour blasted must be prepared correctly first.  Vapour blasting is a surface cleaning treatment to restore items back to a new and more often a better than new look; it is not a paint stripping process or to be used for decreasing.

Vapour blasting whilst cleans the surface or the component with a mixture of glass bead, water and compressed air is very effective, however it is not really suitable for removing paint , oil or grease.

Porsche Rocker Cover ready for Vapour Blasting

porsce and ferrari rocker covers rewady to be vapour blasted

Casing Still needs paint to be removed

car aluminium casing from porsche ready to be vapour blasted

How you can prepare the component yourself.


You can prepare your items first simply by power washing, steam cleaning your product first, using simple engine de-greasers or if the item is painted you can simply use a paint stripper or shot blast the item to remove the paint.

If you are using a paint stripper please contact us first to check the suitability because some paint strippers and stain the alloy/metal.

The item must be clear of paint and oil before it can be vapour blasted.

North West Vapour Blasting Item preparation.


Northwest Vapour Blasting can prepare your item for vapour blasting for you.  We have specialist cleaning tanks which will clean the item and not create additional oxidation to the metal surface or damage it.

For painted surfaces we can shot blast, soda blast or our preferred method for small item is to use a specialized paint stripper.

If you require you item to be prepared by us please contact us for a quotation first alternatively if you wish further advise on how you can prepare the item for Vapour Blasting please contact us.

Our in house cleaning Tanks

pre cleaning tanks for vapoutr blasting in manchestre northwest vapour blasting