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Vapour blasting is a process where a slurry (mixture of abrasive media and water) is pumped at very high flow rates to a nozzle. At the nozzle a high volume flow of air is introduced and this propels the slurry mixture onto the component to be cleaned. A multitude of finishes can be produced by using different blast media, slurry flow rates, air flow/pressure, nozzle diameters and distance from the gun.

Vapour blasted cylinder heads cleaning process in manchester northwest aqua blasting

Vapour blasting has many advantages over conventional sandblasting, some are listed below:

• The slurry acts to wash the parts, rather than abrade the surface
• No media is impregnated into the surface with vapour blasting, critical for cylinder heads and pistons
• The process creates no dust or static build-up
• Our machine filters broken media out so the finish remains consistent as the media wears/breaks down

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Vapour Blasting Equipment

All our equipment is owned by NWVB and all work is carried out in-house.

We never outsource any work so you are guaranteed your parts only stay in our workshops. In order to provide the most professional results we have only the best equipment in a clean and modern environment. Any visit is welcome as we are proud of our facilities and standard of work we produce.

vixen vapour blasting machine manchester UK Northwest Cheshire and Lancashire aqua blasting


• Vixen 1215 with all upgrades

• 4kW slurry pump using our own in-house designed and manufactured pump head unit

• Selection of air and media nozzles for different finishes

• 3kW heated media tank

• Closed loop wash and water/debris paper element filter system

• Variable slurry and air delivery to optimise surface finishes

• Selection of different media on the shelf (glass bead, zirconia bead, aluminium oxide, others on 24hr order)

• Maximum part weight: 250kg

• Maximum part dimensions: 1200mm x 1100mm x 900mm (corner

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If you would like to know more about North West Vapour Blasting services please phone us or contact us.

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